Rock ‘n’ Roll and Fast Cars Volume II

By Martyn Goddard. 2018 review by Guy Loveridge. All of us will have seen a Martyn Goddard photograph. Of...

Reid Railton, Man of Speed

By Karl Ludvigsen. 2018 review by James Loveridge. For much of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s the World Land...

Aspects of Motoring History # 14

Published July 2018. 114 pages, colour cover, over 80 black & white illustrations and charts, softbound, and 16 pages of full colour. Contents:...

Aspects of Motoring History # 13

Published July 2017. 108 pages, colour cover, over 60 black & white illustrations and charts, softbound, and 8 pages of full colour. Contents: Obituary:...

SAHB TIMES: Issue 93

The latest SAHB Times, which is free to SAHB members.
This is issue No 93.  Among many articles it includes:

  • Obituary: Sandy Skinner
  • A review of Karl Ludvigsen’s new book: Reid Railton: Man of Speed
  • Connaught Capers
  • Visiting Jaguar Land Rover
  • The report on the Spring Seminar at Wroxall Abbey
  • A Bus Owner’s Collection in Chile
  • De Ruytter, Demessine and Vandenplas;a family of Belgian coachbuilders

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