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SLIDER: 1923 Salmson AL2

Another picture from Peter McFadyen taken at the recent VSCC ‘Light Car Welsh’.  Judging by the mud on the car and the serious wet-weather gear of the participants, this was not a day for a gentle saunter in the countryside.  All credit, therefore, to the two intrepid enthusiasts in our picture.  We suppose that the rucksack contains a change of clothing and, perhaps, some well-earned refreshments.

The Salmson AL2 was powered by the highly unusual “Monoculbuteur” engine that used only a single pushrod per cylinder, actuating both inlet and exhaust valves.  It was inefficient, but very cost-effective to produce – and 10,000 of these cars were made between 1921 and 1927, before the designer Petit introduced his twin-cam engine for which subsequent Salmsons are better known.

But we’ve included the picture here because it shows that a tiny vintage car of limited power can still give pleasure to its users – provided that the sandwiches in the rucksack are up to scratch!


Photo courtesy of Peter McFadyen. See his website:


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