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SLIDER: 2017 Alvis 4.3-litre Bertelli ‘continuation’ model

This brand-new car has been produced by the Alvis Company in a limited run.

These models, and their sister types the Vanden Plas Tourer, Lancefield Concealed Hood, Park Ward Drop Head Coupé and Graber Coupé/Cabriolet, are built to original Alvis factory drawings, but with emission-compliant engines.  They carry Alvis chassis numbers and engine numbers which follow on from the last in the model sequence, and are therefore designated the Continuation Series.

The coachwork of this two-door Sports Coupé was first exhibited at the 1935 Paris Motor Show.  This picture was taken at the recent Chateau Impney hillclimb.

These continuation models may be controversial to those who value originality above all, but they certainly appear to be designed with faithful respect to the traditions of the Alvis marque – and will be much easier to drive in modern traffic.

Photo courtesy of Peter McFadyen. See his website:

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