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SLIDER: Fiat 500s

This group of Fiat 500s at the 2019 Rétromobile shows three lovely examples of the model.  On the left, the green car is a 1976 Giardiniera – the 500 estate car.  The Giardiniera engine is laid under the floor oor of the boot to create a flat loading surface. It also features “suicide doors” and was the only model to continue to use this door type into the 1970s. A total of 327,000 Giardinieras were produced, later examples having Autobianchi rather than Fiat badging.

The white car in the middle is a 1969 Luxe, and the red car on the right is a 1971 500L with an Abarth kit.

All in beautiful condition and for sale in the “Less than 25,000 Euros” section of the show, none of these three cars cost more than 14,000 Euros (the white one was only 12,000 Euros).  Great fun for not too much money.

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