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SLIDER: 1953-1956 Lagonda 3-Litre 2-door coupé

The Lagonda 3-Litre was produced by Aston Martin Lagonda from 1953 to 1958. It was the second model produced by Lagonda after the takeover of the company by David Brown in 1947 – the first being the Lagonda 2.6-Litre.

The 3-Litre was fitted with a higher displacement version of the twin-overhead-camshaft Lagonda Straight-6 engine designed by Walter Owen Bentley.  It was available as a 4-seat 2-door coupé (the version seen in this Slider image), built by David Brown subsidiary Tickford, or as a drophead coupé from the same coachbuilder.  A 4-door saloon was introduced in 1954 and the 2-door coupé was discontinued in 1956.

Unusually for this era, the car had independent suspension all round, using coil springs at the front and a swing axle with torsion bars at the rear.  A heater, radio and built-in hydraulic jacks were standard equipment.

The 3-Litre was an expensive car in comparison with its competitors, and only 270 of the three body styles were sold.

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